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Public Access to Records

  • Any Person has a right to inspect a record and to make or receive a copy of any record as provided in sec. 19.35(1) Wis. Stats.

Limitations on right to access:

    • Records specifially exempted by law.
    • Law enforcement records.
    • Contractor's records
    • Computer programs and data
    • Trade secrets
    • Separation of information
    • Library circulation records


  • Records will be available for inspection and copying during regular office hours and/or during those designated specific department hours.
  • If regular office hours are not maintained at the location where records are kept, the records will be available for inspection and copying upon at least 48 hours' advance notice of intent to inspect or copy.
  • A requester shall be permitted to use facilities comparable to those available to village employees to inspect, copy or abstract a record.
  • The legal custodian may require supervision during inspection or may impose other reasonable restrictions on the manner of access to an original record if the record is irreplaceable or easily damaged.

Fees to defray the cost of locating and copying records:

  • The cost of photocopying is $1.00 for each page. (Such cost has been calculated not to exceed the actual, necessary and direct cost of reproduction)
  • If the form of a written record does not permit copying, the actual and necessary cost of photographing and photographic processing shall be charged.
  • The actual full cost of providing a copy of other records not in printed form on paper, such as films, computer printouts and audiotapes or videotapes, shall be charged.
  • If mailing or shipping is necessary, the actual cost thereof shall also be charged.
  • There shall be no charge for locating a record unless the actual cost therefor exceeds $50.00, in which case the actual cost shall be determined and billed to the requester.
  • The legal custodian shall estimate the cost of all applicable fees and may require a cash deposit adequate to assure payment if such estimated fee exceeds $5.00.