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Property Taxes

Real Estate Taxes
An installment option is available to all property owners with a tax bill greater than $100.  First installments or full payments are due by January 31st and payable to the Village of Kewaskum.  Payments after January 31st, including the second installment, are payable to the Washington County Treasurer and should be mailed to the address listed on the tax bill.

If a tax refund is greater than $20 of the total taxes due, you will receive a refund within four weeks of payment.

Personal Property Taxes

Personal Property taxes are payable to the Village of Kewaskum and due on January 31st.

Real Estate and Tax Data

Tax information is available on the Washington County Website.

How to Search

Enter search values (ie. Street Number, Street Name, First Name and Last Name)

Select 'Find Now'

Click on the red 'Parcel' number

Near the middle of the page, in the Select Detail drop down box select 'Taxes'

Duplicate Copy of Tax Bill

Go to Print tax bills section
Click on Tax Year

Taxes Due
Go to the Tax History section

Displays a breakdown by tax year

Detailed Tax Payment Information
Go to the Tax History section and click on the Tax Year, select Printer Friendly

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