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Village of Kewaskum Administrator

The Village Administrator is appointed by the President and Village Board to manage the day-to-day operations of the Village. The Administrator coordinates, prepares, and disseminates information to assist the Village Board decision-making process. The Village Administrator is the Village’s Chief Administrative Officer and is also responsible for the implementation of the Village Board’s policies and priorities.

Furthermore, the Administrator facilitates communication between the citizens and local government and is the principal spokesperson for the village.  The Village Administrator exercises general and administrative supervision over all Village departments, prepares and administers the Village’s annual budget, and advocates for community development.


The Village of Kewaskum is committed to excellent customer service.  Whether you contact one of our departments, attend a special event, visit our website, meet with staff in person or participate in a public meeting, we want you to feel comfortable contacting us.  


Duties of the Village Administrator include the following:


  • Preparing the Annual Budget
  • Attending Village Board and other meetings
  • Recommending policies or programs to the Village Board
  • Keeping the Village Board fully advised on the financial and other conditions of the Village
  • Supplying the Village Board with information to aid decision-making.