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Village Clerk

The Office of the Village Clerk is responsible for attending the meetings of the Village Board, Standing Committees, Board of Appeals, Ethics Board, Plan Commission, Board of Review, and other meetings as required.  Preparing and distributing meeting agendas, minutes, and accompanying information for the Village Board members and other Boards, Commissions, and Committees and provide an accurate recording of the proceedings.

Assists in the preparation of the ordinances, resolutions, and codification of the Municipal Code.  Enters enacted ordinances and resolutions as a permanent record of the Village.

Prepares, publishes, and posts meeting agendas, public hearings, and other legal notices as required by law.

Provides preservation of and open access to public records during normal working hours.  Certifies, attests, and records legal documents including ordinances, resolutions, contracts, and deeds as needed.  Oversees the records management program including retention and disposition of official documents.

In addition, the Clerk shall perform the duties required by Wisconsin State Statutes relating to elections including overseeing the election process; recording and updating voter registration information; informing the public of all elections; arranging for a polling place; and recruiting, training, and supervising poll workers; providing for absentee ballots; testing the Optical Scan and Touch Screen tabulating equipment; delivering election results to the County Clerk and School District as needed; and preparing the official Board of Canvas Statement relating to local election results.