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Emergency Medical Technician - Part Time

Position Objectives:

Provides basic life support to patients in the pre-hospital setting; is qualified to provide care for patients of all ages, works under the supervision of the Fire Chief, EMS Captain EMS Lieutenant and the Medical Director. Performs duties to provide the highest level of patient care and maximize patient satisfaction. 

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Provides care for the critically ill or injured patient from referral point contact or pre-hospital scene until the patient is relinquished to the accepting medical facility.
  • Works within the designated scope of practice as defined by the State of Wisconsin (DHS 110), and the Kewaskum Fire Department.
  • Maintains competency in knowledge and psychomotor skills by participating in required continuing education.
  • Communicates educational needs to the Fire Chief, Rescue Captain or Rescue lieutenant.
  • Maintains all continuing education records.
  • Completes all necessary patient care documentation.
  • Complies with safety standards to assure safety of self, other medical personnel, and equipment.
  • Maintains awareness of current issues related to Emergency Medical Services.
  • Performs assigned work safely, adhering to established departmental safety rules and practices. 
  • Reports to Fire Chief, EMS Captain EMS Lieutenant in a timely manner, any unsafe activities, conditions, hazards, or safety violations that may cause injury to oneself, other employees, patients and visitors.

Minimum Requirements:

The employee must possess and apply knowledge and skills necessary to perform the duties of a driver of ambulance equipment, including but not limited to:

  • Promptly responding to instructions from a dispatcher and driving and operating specially equipped emergency vehicles to specified locations at a safe and controlled speed, in accordance with federal, state, and local laws, regulations and standards, and in accordance with Kewaskum Fire Department policies, rules, and guidelines;
  • Assuring that vehicles are in good working condition at all times, are properly maintained and stocked, have all necessary equipment and that the equipment is in good working order at all times;
  • Cleaning, organizing and restocking vehicles in a ready condition after each transport;
  • Receiving and responding to requests for emergency ambulance service and other duty related communication via two-way radio or other communication devices;
  • Maintaining accurate records of ambulance equipment, other emergency equipment and/or personnel dispatched to each emergency and non-emergency request and other operation and administrative data as required to maintain the operational continuity of the Kewaskum Fire Department EMS Service and as directed by superiors;
  • Properly document each transport on the State of Wisconsin Patient Care Report in accordance with state and Kewaskum Fire Department policies and procedures;
  • Handle telephone communications professionally and efficiently with careful regard to the divulgence of information respecting confidentiality requests at all times;
  • Monitor communication equipment to maintain contact with the dispatcher;
  • Maintain apparatus and equipment in accordance with all policies, procedures and direction.

Desirable Training and Experience:

Education and Experience Requirements

1. Registered EMT-B (minimum), AEMT or higher preferred

2. Health Care Provider CPR

3. High School Graduate or GED

4. Valid Driver’s License

5. Must be at least 18 years of age

More Information:

For more information contact Fire Chief Mark Groeschel at 262-626-6731.