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Forms and Applications

2024 Fee Schedule

Alcohol Beverage License Applications - The following forms are available on Wisconsin DOR website at: DOR Retail Alcohol Beverage License Applications and Miscellaneous Forms.

  1. AB-100, Alcohol Beverage Individual Questionnaire (Formerly AT-103/103a, Supplemental/Auxiliary Questionnaire)
  2. AB-101, Alcohol Beverage Appointment of Agent (Formerly AT-104 Schedule for Appointment of Agent and AT-200 Appointment of Successor Agent)
  3. AB-200, Alcohol Beverage Retail License Application (Formerly AT-106 Original Alcohol Beverage License Application and AT-115 Renewal Alcohol Beverage License Application)

Municipalities and retailers must use these new forms for license applications and renewals. Note: Forms AT-103,  AT-103a, AT-104, AT-106, AT-115, and AT-200 are discontinued.

To move necessary forms quickly and accommodate changes in the law, a renewal alcohol beverage license form is not available. All existing licensees should use AB-200, Alcohol Beverage Retail License Application to reapply for their licenses. 

Operator License

Operator License Application

Cigarette and Tobacco Products License Applications

Application for Cigarette, Tobacco and Electronic Vaping Device Retail License (CTV-100)

Cigarette, Tobacco, and Electronic Vaping Device License - Individual Questionnaire (CTV-101)

Cigarette, Tobacco, and Electronic Vaping Device - Appointment of Agent (CTV-102)

Building Permits

Building Inspections

The Village contracts with Kunkel Engineering for building permits/inspections. Inspection services are provided by appointment only. Please contact the building inspector via email at or via cell phone at (920) 382-6202.

Building Permit for New Construction - All Trades

Building Permit for Building, Remodeling & Electrical Services

Property Maintenance Complaint Form

Other Building Permits

Sign Permit - Prior to businesses installing an outdoor sign, approval must be received by the Village

Dumpster Permit Application

Tree Permit Application - a tree permit application must be submitted and approved prior to planting trees in the greenway (between the curb and sidewalk)


Residents may submit their voter registration and absentee ballot requests on

Election Inspector (poll worker) Contact Information - submit this form if interested in becoming an election inspector 


Special Event Permit Application

Banner Hanging Permit Application

Facility Rentals

Facility Rental Agreement

Facility Rental Concerns

Pet Licensing

Information on Pet Licensing

Pet License Application

Soda Water Vending Machine Application

Soda Water Vending Machine License Application 

Title Company's

Special Assessment Certificate

Utility Accounts

Payment Agreement - Utility

Utility Account Changes

Village Board & Committees

 Plan Commission 

Prior to submitting a request to be heard before the Plan Commission, please review the Application Procedures and Project Review Checklist below.  A completed application packet, along with the appropriate fees, shall be submitted at least 30 days prior to the 4th Tuesday of the month to be considered at the next regular Plan Commission meeting.
Board of Appeals
The Board of Appeals hears and decides boundary disputes, appeals and variance. Residents must submit the Board of Appeals Application to request a meeting.

Other Village Permits

Sidewalk Cafe Permit

Holding Tank Discharge Permit

Peddler Permit