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Building Inspection

The Village of Kewaskum contracts with the Kunkel Engineering for building inspection services.  Visit the Kunkel Engineering website for more information, including permitting forms or see below.


Building Inspector: Rob Froh

Inspection services are provided by appointment only. Please contact the building inspector via email at or via cell phone at (920) 382-6202.

Necessary Information to file for a Building Permit:
  • Two (2) sets of plans
  • Two (2) plot plans or plats of survey, showing elevations, setbacks drainage and erosion control
  • Two (2) copies of Thermal Performance (heat loss calculations)
  • Completed application, including contractor’s certification numbers and signed Cautionary Statement to Owner
Types of work requiring one or more permits:
  • New structures, including sheds
  • Install or replace fencing, siding, windows, skylights or roof
  • Relocate or replace fireplaces, chimneys, furnaces or air conditioners
  • Remodel, relocate walls, plumbing fixtures, windows or subfloor
  • Construct or replace deck or swimming pool
  • Upgrade electric service equipment or added circuitry


Fee Schedule 

Permit for New Construction

Permit for Remodel